The Scene Of The Crime Mystery Lovers Festival

The Board announces that it has decided not to continue with the festival.  It’s been wonderful, but we are moving on to other things.  Thanks to everyone for all your support. 

There will be no festival in 2014.

The annual festival for mystery readers and writers, celebrated on the Thousands Islands birthplace of Canada’s first crime writer

An island is the perfect setting for a crime story — a remote location with limited suspects, local legends, and lots of ways to bump people off. Certainly Wolfe Island, Ontario — the largest of the Thousand Islands — must have inspired Canada’s first crime writer, Grant Allen, who was born there in 1848 at his family home, the manor of the Baron de Longueuil family.

Grant Allen went on to become one of the most popular writers of his day, publishing more than 40 novels. He also invented one of the most popular plot conceits of the crime writing genre, the hero who is the thief of the story. (He was two years ahead of E.W. Hornung, who usually gets the credit.) Allen was also a good friend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Wolfe Island celebrates its heritage as the birthplace of Canadian crime writing with the Scene of the Crime Festival, held annually on land Grant Allen’s family donated to the community. It’s no mystery why the event is such a success: The combination of Canada’s top mystery writers, local history, and a home-made church supper is hard to beat.

2 Comments on “The Scene Of The Crime Mystery Lovers Festival”

  1. walter steinmetz says:

    what time does the festival start?

    • vickidelany says:

      If you are attending the workshop, 9:00. Otherwise the meet and greet begins at 10. When you get off the ferry someone will be there to show you where to go. Look for their sign. See you soon. Vicki

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